Yoga Nidra with Jess Lenzi

Sunday January 19th 6-7pm

Deep rest offers the possibilities of deep knowing, while quiet, attentive listening to the heart leads to opening up to a more authentic version of ourselves.  Combine these elements with Jess Lenzi as she guides you through the practice of Yoga Nidra, a restorative meditation experience and systematic approach to quiet the mind and switch on the body’s relaxation response.  Cocoon yourself within cozy blankets, set your heartfelt intention, and discover the benefits that profound stillness can bring to the mind, body, and heart.   

 No meditation or yoga experience is necessary.  We practice Yoga Nidra lying down in a comfortable position with plenty of blankets and bolsters.  Your only responsibilities are to find exquisite comfort on your mat, breathe with ease, and follow Jess’ cues as she leads you into the peaceful suspension of a yoga nap, gently balanced between deeply asleep and fully awake.

 COST: $15 or $10 for Bending Bodhi Members