Yoga Nidra with Jess Lenzi

Sunday November 24th 6-7pm

Surrender into a state of deep physical relaxation and allow the mind to take a break from non-stop thoughts and a long list of to-dos.   Yoga Nidra, a restorative meditation technique also known as ‘yogic sleep’, encourages the body to shift into the relaxed response state through breath awareness, body scanning, and deep heartfelt intention setting.  

Jess Lenzi is signing your permission slip for rest, reflection, and release so that you may find yourself approaching the final weeks of 2019 with a refreshed sense of balance and calm.

 No meditation or yoga experience is necessary.  We practice Yoga Nidra lying down in a comfortable position with plenty of blankets and bolsters (you can even bring your own favorite blanket if you wish).  Your only responsibilities are to find exquisite comfort on your mat, breathe with ease, and follow Jess’ cues as she leads you into the peaceful suspension of a yoga nap, gently balanced between deeply asleep and fully awake.

 COST: $15 or $10 for Bending Bodhi Members