Restorative Yoga & Acupressure Workshop                  


Sunday March 1st 11:30-3:30pm 

RESTORATIVE YOGA, YOGA NIDRA & ACUPRESSURE 4-hour workshop with Maureen Miller, E-RYT500 and Annie (Leslie) Cannon, Acupuncturist. For Yoga Students who want to learn about:

- Restorative Yoga: learn about the benefits of the practice

- Yoga Nidra: learn the benefits and resources for your home practice 

- Acupressure: learn some basic points and how to do them on yourself

The workshop will include 2-hours of information/content and a 2-hour class led by Maureen & Annie. The class will include Restorative Yoga poses with Acupressure and Reiki and will end with Yoga Nidra.

Cost: $80, $70 for Recurring members