SELF-CARE RESTORATIVE                                                                                      &                                                                                                    ACUPUNCTURE                                                                                      

Friday October 25th 6-8pm

Fall is a time to turn inward and slow down after the fast pace of summer. In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with the metal element as well as the lung and large intestine organs. The lungs govern respiration and the flow of qi while the large intestine is associated with releasing that which no longer serves you. When the organs are out of balance one might feel grief, sadness, and inability to let go. When in balance one will feel more relaxed and have clarity of thought. During this workshop, Bethany will guide you through a blissful sequence to quiet and recharge your body and mind. As you rest in poses Annie will place needles, magnets, or pressballs on acupuncture points to encourage additional healing and relaxation. The acupuncture points chosen will tap into the metal element and balance out the energy of the lungs and large intestine  *Space is limited*                                                                                                                                                                                   COST: $40  or $35 for Bending Bodhi Members