Resilient and Mindful                                                  Stress Management and                                              Meditation for Kids and Young                                Adults With Damla Aktekin

Sundays September 9 – October 21, 2018                               Age group 5-8, 35 minutes, 11:25am-12pm                              Age group 9-17, 90 minutes, 1-2:30pm

What if we empower our kids and teens with proven tools to handle stress? What if they are able to cultivate an inner resilience to stay calm and centered no matter what life throws at them? What if they are able to practice and learn meditation and mindfulness techniques in a safe, playful, and experiential atmosphere? This is exactly what this workshop is for: giving kids and teens a laboratory to explore their inner landscape, teaching them tools to fall back to in times of stress, and working with them to develop the mindfulness and awareness to recognize when they need to use these tools. For the age groups 5 to 8 and 9 to 12, this workshop will be a chance to dive into what it means to meditate and use our minds to calm our bodies. Each week, we will work with a new and exciting way to calm our bodies and minds including visualization, EFT and meditation with crystals. For the age group 13 to 17, in addition to the experiential learning of a wide variety of meditation techniques such as mindfulness, breath work, EFT, and guided visualization, the workshop will also cover the brain waves and the physiology of meditation, the proven benefits of meditation, and the importance of recognizing and dealing with emotional patterns. Pre-registration required. $105/person. Minimum 5, maximum 18 participants in each age group. After you register you will need to fill out the form that is located below the register button.