Meet Our Teachers 

Heather Campbell-Owner/Instructor Heather Campbell is a 200hr E-RYT. She teaches both adults and children. She teaches and practices yoga regularly and is always seeking to learn and evolve in both. She believes strongly in the benefits of a regular asana practice along with pranayama and meditation. She also believes that yoga has no boundaries and that people of all ages,body types, and backgrounds can reap these benefits equally. She is passionate about yoga’s ability to help us heal from injury, trauma, stress,depression and anxiety, And has witnessed some amazing transformations first hand, including within her own journey. Heather’s main goal when she's teaching  yoga is to make it accessible to all and for  her students to leave her classes feeling  empowered, confident, and at peace.

Sarah Jones- Intructor                                                 Sarah was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She was trained in Vinyasa Flow 200+hr. Her practice started in 1999 with Anusara Yoga where she feels the root of her teaching comes from. She studies many different styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Anusara. Sarah believes in balancing your practice with masculine and feminine, muscular energy and organic energy, mind and body as well as heart opening. Her personal philosophy is to go upside-down everyday! She loves to challenge her students to not only try something new and exciting physically but to open up your mental and emotional possibilities to what the hour or so holds for you. Sarah believes yoga is a way to create a controlled confrontational situation so that when you get out into the world, you have the resources to breath and realign your body and mind in a way that will handle any stress. Most importantly Sarah loves to “play” and experiment with new and fun postures. She was also trained by Miniyogis, in Santa Monica, CA, to teach Kids Yoga.

Jenna Sarno- Instructor                                                     Jenna decided to first step on a yoga mat at age 16 at the local gym. It was NOT love at first practice. She told people how she couldn't do yoga because her mind was too active and she could not stand listening to her thoughts. Little did she know, what she was resisting she should have been persisting- yoga was the exact remedy she needed to slow her active mind.
Flash forward two years Jenna was dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as an unhealthy body image. She decided to give yoga another go at a local studio where they had a $30 special for 14 days that she would commit to.
That first class she felt a major shift and ended up crying in child's pose for the duration!
It was then that she knew she had found something special here, even though it felt painful to work through emotions, it was also necessary and a yoga class was a completely safe container for her to explore her fears, thoughts, and emotions in.
After 3 years of consistent and dedicated practice, Jenna decided to take her 200 Hour Teacher Training with her teacher, Christina Alexa at the Abhyasa Yoga Institute, where she studied Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Energetic & Physical Anatomy, Teaching Methodology, and Philosophy.
Jenna also has a 25 hour Aerial Teacher Certification through CirqueBody and a 30 Hour Certification in Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching.
Jenna intuitively teaches in her classes by feeling the energy of what the practitioner needs in that moment and shaping the class from there, but often bringing in a strong practice to strenghten the mind and body simultaneously.
Jenna has a certification in Holistic Health & Nutrition, working one-on- one with clients or in a group setting.
Also passionate about songwriting and singing, you can find Jenna playing music throughout New England and in yoga classes in the area.

Anna Koriath- Instructor  

Anna loves yoga, horses, poetry and solitude. She has been a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga yoga since 2004 and has studied with Davis Williams, Davis Swenson, Bhavani Maki and Eddie Modestini. In April of 2016 she was certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) by Nikki Meyers, and has brought the program to the seacoast area hoping to facilitate much healing and peacefulness in the community. She strongly believes that everything will be ok in the end and if it isn'tok, it isn't the end.                                                   


Annie Leslie- Instructor                                                    Annie is a 200hr  RYT and has been practicing yoga for about 10 years. She believes that movement is the key to a healthy lifestyle and tries to practice yoga every day.Annie studied Neuroscience at The University of New England and is currently working towards her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the New England School of Acupuncture. She is passionate about the mind-body connection and is always striving to learn more in order to benefit her own health as well as aid in the healing of others. When off the mat, Annie likes to spend time hiking, skiing, swimming, and playing with her kitties.

Bethany Walker- Instructor                                  Bethany began practicing yoga in 2003. The benefits that she saw over time mentally and physically fueled her to have a more dedicated practice. She completed her 200hr RYT training through At Om Yoga with Asa Dustin and Nel Norwesh and is currently participating in a second 200hr Training with Happy Love Yoga School.She is interested in understanding the science of the body, as well as exploring the subtle energies within the body. She feels that everyone can benefit from asana and meditation practices.

Sharon Spickler- Intructor                                         Sharon Spickler RYT 200 discovered yoga as a path to health after suffering a debilitating illness in the mid 1990’s. Yoga not only restored her health, but also provided a method for finding inner strength and balance. Sharon’s belief that yoga through breath, movement and focus can help others, has fostered her dedication to teaching.Sharon has taken her initial teacher training with Doug Swenson and has practiced with Lona Kovacs since 2001. She completed the 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Green Lotus Yoga Studio in 2012 focusing on the Ashtanga lineageSharon has also taken workshops with many nationally prominent teachers including, Beryl Bender Birch, Lillias Folan, Patricia Walden and Judith Lasater, and Nicki Doane. Modestini She admires these women as role models for how to age with wisdom, beauty and grace through yoga.Sharon rejoices in the opportunity to share the wondrous transformation that the practice and study of yoga can bring to body, mind and soul. Sharon has offered a Community Class in Dover since 2003, and she hopes to welcome back old students and meet new ones at Bending Bodhi.

Carli Genet- Instructor                                                      Carli's connection with yoga began in 2014. She had taken all types of dance through high school, engaged in somewhat of a sabbatical from consistent physical exercise in college, and then as a graduate student found herself craving some type of movement. She joined an all women's fitness center, which felt like a safe place to revisit exercise, and found herself drawn to the power yoga classes. As she became more comfortable with the asanas and the idea of herself as an athletic person, she joined a local yoga studio. It was after a yoga retreat to Costa Rica with two local teachers that Carli decided that teaching was for her. She signed up for the Happy Love Yoga 200+ hour teacher training a few months later and graduated from the program in November of 2017. Yoga, she has found is the only type of exercise that allows her to listen to her body, to validate her needs. Her practice has allowed her to find the true connection between body, breath, and energy. In her classes, she likes to help students find the same. You can expect Carli's class themes to often encourage deeper understanding of self through movement. Carli's hope is that her students have the opportunity to walk off the mat feeling a little lighter than they did when they walked on.                                             

Amanda Stanley- Instructor                          Amanda Stanley CHP, CRMT, RYT 500 has been practicing yoga for over 14 years. Having graduated from both 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training's from Erin Ehler's of Yoga on the Hill, Kittery, ME, Amanda sees yoga as an vital and integral part of a happy, healthy & empowered life. Her teaching style is focused on proper alignment with the support of props, longer holds in postures, subtle but powerful movements and concentrated breath work. Amanda also weaves the wonders of yoga into her private practice; Jupiter's Labyrinth, where it's combined with Ayurvedic practices, herbal support and Reiki, offering a broad spectrum of whole health and wellness for her clients & students. Amanda is a Taurus sun sign and a lover of all things food, nature and comfort. When she's not on her yoga mat or in her office you'll find her outside in the woods looking for wild plants, in her own gardens planting, at White Heron Tea sipping on Kashmiri chai with her husband or binge watching Netflix at home with her cat.

Stephanie Denoncour- Instructor               Stephanie Denoncour (RYT 200) completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Soulfire Power Yoga in early 2017. She also completed Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Sagel Urlacher in Boston and will be taking a Yin Yoga and Meditation training in January 2018. After her husband was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes in 2011, they started participating in an annual 100 mile charity bikeride and have raised over $35K for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). They have 2 rescue pets: a dog named Bailey and a cat named Mittens. 


Olivia Paulin- Instructor                                        Olivia was trained in Vinyasa Flow 200+ hr with Happy Love Yoga RYS at Bending Bodhi with Sarah Jones. She was originally introduced to yoga through the Piyo DVDs. She began deepening her practice in October 2015. She believes in letting her practice flow organically. After experiencing the mental and physical benefits from a regular practice she wants to share these benefits with everyone who is interested.