Ecstatic Movement                                                    Sunday July 23rd                                                           1:30-3pm                

Robin believes that healing occurs in many ways - especially through play, sound, movement, exploration and just being.  Dance has played a part in cultural healing and expression throughout the ages.  This class is a creation from Robin’s own self-healing, exploration and inner wisdom. In this class Robin will offer guidance, but will encourage self-expression through Ecstatic movement/dance. Class will include creating a mandala for self-reflection and will close with a meditation.  

 No experience necessary and All are welcome! 

Robin is a Healing Practitioner and Intuitive LifeStyle Wellness Coach.  At 15 she knew she was a healer and has since become a lifelong enthusiast of the art and science of energy healing.  She holds a deep heart centered space and connection with spirit for sacred transformational healing to occur.