Advance Your Practice                                                 Friday July 21st                                                            6-8pm

Advancing your practice can mean a lot of things. Trying new styles, practicing more, reassessing why we practice, or even going back to the basics. In this workshop, we'll focus more on the process of going deeper into various postures (asanas) rather than the outcome. Join Lindsay for an evening of fun, focus, and exploration. We’ll start class with a 60 minute intermediate flow and spend the second hour workshopping inversions, backbends and arm balances. We’ll confront fears towards certain poses, move beyond our limitations and explore some tips on how to safely get into the asanas that may have been challenging to us in the past. Empower yourself to dive deep. Expect to laugh, play and build self-confidence.     Cost:$25                                                                                     $20-Bending Bodhi Recurring Members