Ashtanga 101

Monday May 27th 6-7:15pm

Why does ashtanga have an opening and closing chant? What is the deal with chanting? Please bring any other questions you may have about the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

 The first half of this class will be dedicated to reviewing the opening and closing chant and practicing it. Students can participate as much or as little as they would like in chanting. The second half, time willing, will be dedicated to getting through a traditional Half Primary series. Handouts will be provided for the chants and for half primary.

Any of the questions that come up in class and seem juicy enough for review could potentially become another ashtanga 101 workshop in the future. :)

Meagan Vanhoogen, began her ashtanga journey in 2010 when she dedicated herself to a 6 day a week practice. Traveling to India in 2012 to study with Saraswati Jois and then traveling all over the world, Maui, Bali, Thailand and more to study with senior teachers and gain greater insight into the mystery of yoga. She has participated in ashtanga adjustment clinics for primary and second series with Nancy Gilgoff and Manju Jois and has adapted her physical adjustments with her background as a massage therapist and knowledge of anatomy and has a particular love and devotion for chanting.

COST: $15