Stretch and Release                                                     

Saturday October 20th 1-3pm

Join Annie Leslie as we get deep into the body encouraging deep stretch, release, and surrender of our major muscle groups! This workshop will begin with a gentle flow to warm up, lengthen and stretch the major muscles in the body. We will then move on to the myofascial release portion of the class, incorporating blocks and tennis balls to release built up tension in muscles and fascia. A few poses will also have the option to integrate acupressure points for additional healing. This workshop is designed for all levels and will be especially useful for athletes and anyone with built up tension, aches or pains. Handouts will be provided at the end of the workshop with pictures and descriptions of releases done during the class that you can do at home.

COST: $25                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      $20Bending Bodhi Recurring Members