Sports Nutrition And Yoga For Athletes                 Friday January 13th 6-8pm

Learn energy saving Nutrition tips for the athlete on the move. Learn how to strategize with fueling and recovery techniques to fit your training. Whether you cycle, run, strength train, or just do yoga. Get in the mindset of planning to fuel your future training sessions, perform at your peak performance, and feel better. This workshop will include:

 Exploring the benefits of nutrition from a yogic aspect; healthy eating for the athlete.

 Meal prep for the athlete on the move; Portion control for the athlete.

 Explore what foods are best for Fueling and recovery as an athlete.

 How to improve your recovery routine.

 Yoga to help you build strength and mobility in your training sessions.

 Find relief from muscle tightness.

 Move through postures to assist in your athletic training or sport.

 Build strength and stamina in yoga postures to assist in mobilization of your hamstrings, decompress your vertebra, and assist in relieving inflammation caused by tight IT bands and allowing for deeper hip flexion and rotation.

 Mindfully sharpen your focus and Build Strong, flexible muscles with functional movement, corebuilding postures and balance postures.

 Helping to keep your body youthful and your mind energetic.

 Improve your focus before and during the race, when mental staying power is as important as physical endurance.

 Basic Breath work, utilize the foundational skill of ujjayi (yoga) breathing to get grounded,present, and in control.

This workshop will be led by yoga intsructor and Coach Ali Ricciardone. Ali is a Personal Trainer, Group fitness Instructor, Nutrition coach, and RYT500 Yoga instructor. Ali loves anything with fun and adventure in it. From cycling, to thriving in her running adventures and Summiting NH's 48 4,000 footers with friends and her two adventure dogs, fun is top priority!