Partner Yoga Workshop                                               Friday February 16th 6:30-8:30pm

 No partner necessary! Join us to float, deepen, and to cultivate playfulness in your practice. Explore connection, support and trust through partner yoga poses! In this workshop teacher ,Sara Jones, will guide you tonourish both your practice and your heart. You will not only learn to help each other move deeper into poses, but you will get the opportunity to amplify your physical and spiritual connection. In a typical yoga class, you are prompted to keep your attention on your own breath and movement with an inward focus. When you practice yoga with a partner, you will learn to sync breaths and movement together and experience a united synergy. In this workshop we will learn to support each other in poses aligning our bodies, creating balance and becoming present. Partner yoga challenges your balance, strength and flexibility while requiring trust and surrender to support one another in a pose. It doesn't matter who your partner is, friend, mom, spouse, or perfect stranger this class will be a great way to deepen your connection! No experience or partner necessary! Each person should register individually for this workshop.