Tina Carr LMT

TINA CARR, LMT                                                                                        603-303-9602                                                                           tinacarr.lmt@gmail.com

Tina Carr is a Licensed Massage Therapist, who began her career focusing on sports as well as injury recovery and prevention. She has learned a great deal about the human body and how massage therapy can be a huge factor in keeping a person healthy, mind, body and soul. She became interested in massage through having received bodywork regularly, sometimes for injuries, but mostly for preventative health care. Good nutrition and lots of exercise have always been at the forefront of her life. She received her certification in Personal Training and as a Yoga Body Bootcamp Instructor in 2012. She now enjoys various forms of exercise with a focus on yoga. Mostly she enjoys being outside, using nature as her playground for her workouts. Tina believes in, as well as practices, a very holistic way of caring for the body. She believes the body has various functional and healing abilities, that happen naturally, when cared for and nurtured in a healthy way. Her hope is to educate her clients to believe in the power of their bodies, and to help aid them in their efforts as well as help with recovery from injuries.