Free Yoga For Veterans                                                All November!

At Bending Bodhi we love our veterans and we like to take every opportunity we can to thank them for all they do! In honor of Veterans Day and Veterans Awareness Month, we will be offering free yoga classes for the entire month of November, to all veterans and active duty military as a way to honor and give back to those who have given so much for us and our country. We know that for some, the struggles do not end, and the battles are not yet won after they return home. At Bending Bodhi we hope that offering a space where all of our veterans can feel welcomed, at peace, and supported, for at least the one hour of their day they spend in class, can encourage them along their journey and demonstrate a small token of our appreciation. 
*We would like to disclose that this is for all of our regularly scheduled classes.These are not specific trauma based classes designed to aid in PTSD or other traumas. If you are looking for classes specializing in PTSD please email the studio for some wonderful local resources we can share with you.
or check out the Give Back Yoga Foundation