Chant with Swan Kirtan                                        Friday October 14th 7pm

Join us for an evening of Kirtan at Bending Bodhi Yoga! We are very excited to welcome this incredible and inspirational group of musicians. Swan Kirtan is an ensemble of musicians from the West and East who chant beautiful multi-faith songs. Combined they have over 200 years of musical experience. Kirtan means devotional chanting.  You are welcome to join in or just sit back and listen.

 Ashok Nalamalapu on vocals and on harmonium                                                                                                                 Danny Solomon on electric bass guitar                                                                                                                                Todd Glacy on djembe and vocals                                                                                                                                        Kalidasa Joseph Getter on flute and clarinet                                                                                                                    Rasa Devi Dasi on vocals, manjira and tambourine                                                                                                        Randy Lindsey on acoustic guitar


Ashok Nalamalapu was born in India, and has practiced devotion since his childhood. He has been playing harmonium and leading multi-faith chants since 2011. Ashok’s teachers include Jai Uttal and other classical Indian musicians. As part of his path, he has lead Kirtan at Bhakti Fest, Maine Yoga Fest, Devotion Fest, LoveLight Fest, NH Yoga for Peace, Kripalu, IYI, yoga studios, temples and colleges. He sings multi-faith chants in traditional Indian Raaga style. He hosts Kirtan and sings at Sadhana regularly. Ashok has served as a Master of Ceremonies at Bhakti Fest, Omega Ecstatic Chant, Boston Yoga and Chant Festival, Denver Chant, Devotion Fest and LoveLight Fest. FMI-                                                

Todd Glacy graduated in music from the Berkley College of music. He is a multi-instrumentalist. He will lead kirtan and play djembe & bass guitar. He is a Sacred Sound Musician, spiritual coach, workshop/event facilitator and Interfaith Chaplain who utilizes the transformative power of song and sound to bring people back to the "heart of stillness" and a remembering of the divine beings we really are.  Kalidasa Joseph Getter plays the venu (South Indian bamboo flute), clarinet, hand drums, and more. A creative world musician, he draws on three decades of experience in Kirtan, experimental music, Jazz, world drumming traditions, Indonesian gamelan, Indian classical music, and music for theater and dance. He is a disciple of the late musician Sri T. Viswanathan.

Rasa Devi Dasi of Boston is an exceptional hand cymbals/manjira and tambourine player and a devotee. She is also a kirtan singer. She has been playing music with Devadas of New York since 2011. She plays in Kirtan bands throughout the East Coast. Rasa will play manjira/ hand cymbals and tamborine.

Randy Lindsey plays 4-string bass and 6-string acoustic guitar accompaniment for Swan Kirtan. He is an accomplished musician and teacher. Randy utilizes non-conventional tunings and contemplative themes in his offering.  Danny has been a musician his whole life, and played since he was 4. He studied jazz piano for 15 years with Harvey Diamond of Boston. He has been playing electric bass for 16 years and currently play with Donna Delory, C.C White, Girish, David Newman, Irene Solea, and Kirtan Soul Revival.


"What a band. Beautiful Kirtan" - Jai Uttal 

"Swan Kirtan is a gifted group of musicians, deeply passionate about what they do and capable of moving and profound musical performances. Their performance at Bates College was an engaging yet meditative experience that was evocative of the Divine. The textures in their music are vast, combining instruments from East and West and infusing devotional Kirtan chanting with influences from jazz, classical and world music. The music of Swan Kirtan and the contagious energy in their performances are most certainly informed by the depth of each musician's spiritual life. I highly recommend Swan Kirtan and plan to use their services again in the future."