Chakra Bliss Group Healing                                       Saturday January 27th                                               2-3:30pm                                                                          SOLD OUT!

Crystal Chakra Balance is an energy healing method developed by Damla Aktekin during her own physical and spiritual healing process. The method is based on activating the natural magnetism and the light healing properties of the crystals and stones, and accessing the healing light and love energy of the spirit guides and helpers by using intuition and clairaudience. In this 1.5 hour long Chakra Bliss Group Healing session, you have the opportunity to:                                                                      -Receive a Crystal Chakra Balance energy healing session and experience the magical healing powers of crystals and stones first-hand.                                                  - Renew, reset, and relax your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.                                                                          -Open up yourself to an intelligent, healing love and light energy that knows exactly where to work and fast.                                                                                                - Get the wisdom, support and light you need the most right now by connecting to your higher self, spirit guides and spirit helpers.                                                                      - Get rid of any weights or limitations that are keeping you stuck Increase your light, love and vibration, and feel lighter and brighter.                                                                    - Dive deep into your inner self through relaxing, healing, and balancing guided chakra meditations.            - Feel safe and secure in a sacred healing circle.              - And enjoy a super looooong savasana sprinkled with love and light!                     

Good to know:                                                                       No previous yoga or meditation experience required.  Participants must be able to stay prone on their back for up to an hour. Please dress comfortably in layers, especially if you tend to get cold.                                       Please pre-register to reserve your spot.                                This event is sold out!