Aroma Flow                                                                     Sunday March 26th                                                  12-2pm

Move. Breathe. Nourish, Feel. And FLOW through a relaxing yoga practice enhanced by the scents and power of doTerra essential oils. Annie will provide these pure, therapeutic grade oils to guide you, ground you, and lift you higher. The aroma helps to center the mind and transport everyone in the room to a sacred space, helping to relax, inspire and energize. After a beautiful practice, you will soak up knowledge about the best oils to enhance and heal mind, body and spirit, learn about how to use oils effectively and safely, and BONUS: You will even get to choose and walk away with the oil that you’re most drawn to (and therefore, carry that energy, calm, and support with you)!

When: Sunday March 26th 12-2pm
Cost: $25; $20for members.